“Zero” feeling of tightness with rich foam

– For everyone who cares about washing their face –
– Refreshing and moist finish –

Zero skin tightness

The foundation of beauty is washing your face. Because it does not contain extra cleaning agents,
For smooth skin that doesn’t feel like a film.
Furthermore, by blending high polymer raw materials, it will make your skin less taut after use.
The refreshing yet moist finish provides the best makeup riding experience.

Formulation technology for amino acid-based detergents

・ By blending 13 kinds of amino acids, there is little burden on the skin.
・ Easily mixes with water and foams quickly, so you can easily create rich foam.
・Due to its mild detergency, it does not remove natural moisturizing ingredients and intercellular sebum.
・Therefore, it does not make you feel uncomfortable after washing your face.

<For those who have such troubles >

・ Those who have tight skin after washing their face
・ Those who are concerned about dryness
・ Those who do not wear makeup well

<Main beauty ingredients>

・ 13 amino acids
・Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (polymer)
・Cocoylglycine Na
・enanthia chlorantha bark extract
・Bacillus fermented product
・horehound extract

<multiple oils>

・isotridecyl isononanoate
・Isopropyl palmitate
・Pentaerythrityl tetraethylhexanoate

<5 free formulas that are safe to use every day >

✖Petroleum surfactant ✖Paraben ✖Mineral oil
✖Synthetic coloring ✖Alcohol


how to use

Take an appropriate amount of cleanser on clean hands and lather well.
Apply gently to wrap the entire face with the foam.
Gently sweep from your chin toward your forehead.
Finally, rinse off with cold water.