Amazing cleaning power! !
Realized because it is a waterless cosmetic with 0% purified water! !

– Cleansing with the finest friction-free cream-
– Contains multiple plant-derived oil ingredients –

Mild than oil cleansing!

Because it is not a single oil, it does not feel tight, it comes off quickly, does not require double cleansing, and blends well with the skin.
Use multiple oils to lift dirt.

The secret of detergency

・Formulated with multiple oils that combine with water-soluble ingredients to absorb make-up stains.
・ Since it has a cream finish, there is no friction even if you rub it strongly, so there is little damage to the skin.
・ When the cream turns into liquid oil, it is a sign of makeup off (oil release)
・Because it is a cream base, it catches dirt firmly without dripping.

<For those who have such troubles >

・ Those who have tight skin after removing makeup
・ Those with skin damage due to excessive rubbing
・ Those who want to thoroughly remove dirt

<Main beauty ingredients>

・artichoke leaf extract
・enanthia chlorantha bark extract
・Bacillus fermented product
・horehound extract

<multiple oils>

・isotridecyl isononanoate
・Isopropyl palmitate
・Pentaerythrityl tetraethylhexanoate

<9 free formulas that are safe to use every day >

✖Petroleum surfactant ✖Silicone ✖Paraben ✖Mineral oil
✖ Synthetic coloring ✖ Synthetic fragrance ✖ Genetically modified ingredients ✖ Animal-derived ingredients ✖ UV absorbers


how to use

Take an appropriate amount of cleanser on clean hands and warm it between your palms.
Gently apply to chin and entire face.
While gently loosening until it changes from creamy to liquid
Removes makeup or daytime dirt and rinses off with cold water.