Amazing penetrating power*! !
Realized because it is a waterless cosmetic with 0% purified water! !

–  For those who are busy in the morning and suffer from dark circles and fine wrinkles around the eyes –
– New sensation night eye pack-

What is waterless cosmetics?

This is a skincare series that does not use purified water, but instead uses plant-based water.
Most cosmetics are made up of 90% water, so the ingredients are diluted and the penetration is weak.
By using plant biological water, we have achieved unprecedented “permeability*”.

*Penetrates up to the stratum corneum

Waterless = The secret of high penetration*

1:Penetration mechanism


Because 100% naturally-derived plant biological water “has the property of being able to move between cells”
Excellent permeability* when applied to the skin

2:surface tension

Because each of the abundant main components of plants “inhibits the force of attraction between water molecules”
By exhibiting extremely low surface tension, beauty ingredients can be firmly penetrated into the skin.

3:Raman penetration test

In a penetration test using a Raman spectrometer,
“The characteristic sharp permeation peak appeared in the plant biological water compared to the purified water”

● 100Smoothly penetrates even the beauty ingredients of seeds*

More than 100 types of beauty ingredients (AR original ingredient ARCORE) are made into highly permeable plant biological water.
By blending, unlike general lotion, it leads to “highly concentrated skin without dilution”.

<For those who have such troubles >

・Those who are concerned about fine wrinkles around the eyes
・Those who are concerned about swelling around the eyes
・Those who are concerned about dryness around the eyes
・Those who are concerned about bears

<Main beauty ingredients >

・artemia extract
・indigo extract
・Hydrolyzed swiftlet nest extract
・Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
・Palmitoyl tripeptide -5
・diacetic acid dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide

<10 free prescriptions that are safe to use every day >

✖Petroleum surfactant ✖Silicone ✖Paraben ✖Mineral oil
✖ Synthetic coloring ✖ Synthetic fragrance ✖ Genetically modified ingredients ✖ Animal-derived ingredients ✖ Ultraviolet absorbers ✖ PEG ingredients


how to use

Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply it from the outer corner of the eye to the temple.
Gently apply it to your eyelids as well. The cooling cream gently tightens the eye area for a lively look.