Amazing penetrating power*! !

Realized because it is a waterless cosmetic with 0% purified water! !

– Smooth in summer, soft in winter –
– The final destination for those who want to achieve a sense of transparency –
– Beautiful skin and firmness! For those who want to be greedy –

What is waterless cosmetics?

This is a skincare series that does not use purified water, but instead uses plant-based water.
Most cosmetics are made up of 90% water, so the ingredients are diluted and the penetration is weak.
By using plant biological water, we have achieved unprecedented “permeability*”.

*Penetrates up to the stratum corneum

Waterless = The secret of high penetration*

1: Penetration mechanism


Because 100% naturally-derived plant biological water “has the property of being able to move between cells”
Excellent penetration when applied to the skin

2: surface tension

Because each of the abundant main components of plants “inhibits the force of attraction between water molecules”
By exhibiting extremely low surface tension, beauty ingredients can be firmly penetrated into the skin.

3: Raman penetration test

In a penetration test using a Raman spectrometer,
“The characteristic sharp permeation peak appeared in the plant biological water compared to the purified water”

● 10Smoothly penetrates up to 100 kinds of beauty ingredients*

By blending more than 100 types of beauty ingredients (AR original ingredient ARCORE) with highly permeable plant biological water,
Unlike general lotion, it will lead to “highly concentrated skin without dilution”.

<For those who have such troubles >

・Those who want transparency
・Those who are concerned about extreme dryness
・Those who are concerned about wrinkles and sagging
・Those who are concerned about firmness and gloss
・Those who want long-lasting moisturizing

<Main beauty ingredients>

・ 5 types of Japanese and Chinese herbal medicine extracts
・Scutellaria root extract
・Kawara mugwort extract
・Wolfberry Fruit Extract Celtic Koji
・opuntia ficus indica fruit extract
・epilobium freischeri extract

<10 free prescriptions that are safe to use every day >

✖Petroleum surfactant ✖Silicone ✖Paraben ✖Mineral oil
✖ Synthetic coloring ✖ Synthetic fragrance ✖ Genetically modified ingredients ✖ Animal-derived ingredients ✖ Ultraviolet absorbers ✖ PEG ingredients


how to use

Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and gently pat it from your chin to your forehead to let it absorb into your skin.