Be careful of pimples in summer!

At the end of a summer day, various types of dirt such as sebum, sweat, dust and pollen adhere to the skin.

If these impurities remain on the skin, it can lead to rough skin, clogged pores, and acne.

In addition, the skin may be rough due to high temperature and humidity, air conditioners, ultraviolet rays, masks, etc.

Is it because of the mask? Is it because of UV rays? Think twice before making a decision.

Wash your face thoroughly twice a day

The trick is to wash thoroughly by pressing the foamed soap gently with your hands.
Even when wiping off, it is good to apply a towel gently from above.

It is important to balance the water and oil content of your skin by washing your face twice a day, moisturizing care, and UV protection. Take proper measures to keep your skin healthy in the summer.

By taking measures according to the cause, your skin will be less likely to become rough.

The hot days are still continuing, but let’s take good care from now on so as not to make new pimples.