Evolving beauty into a new beauty

Through hair care beauty, AR Beauty Company Co., Ltd.
We have continued to grow as a nationwide salon jansu group.
As we continue to listen to our customers and pursue beauty,
Eventually, the target was connected to \"beautiful skin\".
From beauty to beauty, 17 years in a row. Moving forward from divisions to in-house companies
A new form of beauty company AR beauty Company was born.

mature woman satisfied

We will build a system that conducts research and development in-house to give shape to the needs of women around the world. We will disseminate ingredients that can only be developed in-house and technologies that can only be developed in-house.

Proprietary ingredient development through in-house research

The product was developed with the desire to \"deliver active ingredients strongly and gently to the skin and solve skin problems\". What we are particular about is plant bio-water and unique beauty ingredients.

Why Beauty Professionals Choose

For skin that maximizes performance. Beauty professionals with a strict eye demand quick makeup application and healthy skin that maintains a beautiful finish for a long time.


Lineup from AR cosmetics TOKYO

Arlavie Lotion
[Skin Conditioning Toner]

Realize a waterless lotion! A new sensation peeling that does not peel the skin. By adopting plant biological water, it suppresses surface tension and quickly and deeply penetrates the skin. *Up to stratum corneum

Arlavie Serum
[Pleasure Essence]

For soft, supple, well-balanced and healthy skin. Barrier support, protects the skin from UV rays and dryness.

Arlavie Cream
[Brilliant Face Cream]

Not only can it be used as a moisturizing cream, but it can also be used as a massage cream and pack before sleeping.

Arlavie Eye pack
[Soothing Eye Pack Cream]

By blending refreshing ingredients to eliminate the hot flashes around the eyes, you will feel refreshed.

Arlavie Cleansing Cream
[The Cleansing Cream]

It doesn\'t feel tight, falls off quickly, doesn\'t require double cleansing, and feels good on the skin. Use multiple oils to lift dirt.

Arlavie Facial wash
[The Facial Wash]

For smooth skin that doesn\'t feel like a film. By blending high-molecular raw materials, you can achieve skin that does not feel tight after use.